Monday, 12 October 2009

inter seven

To prevent Millennium People from being press-ganged into becoming a mouthpiece for my AA work (MP has a goal which is similar, but separate) I have started a new blog called Inter Seven. While at the moment it only represents my own feeble forays into the confusing world of contemporary architecture, I hope, over time, to reinforce its status with the work of my peers, and possibly professors.

Otherwise, this Millennium People directional hiatus is well and truly over – to prove it, here's what the week holds:
  • Tuesday has a fresh new fistful of links, including directions to a company that specialises in faking your own virginity.
  • Wednesday asks what would happen if you started un-burying some of the underground rivers in London.
  • Thursday recounts Tuesdays' Sir Ken Adam lecture.
  • Friday takes war into the air.
  • Saturday turns to the Turner exhibit at the Tate.
  • Sunday finds MP once again in space.

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