Tuesday, 13 October 2009

fistful of links

Ballard's Drowned World as bankers' swimming pool, via Transatlantis.

Slicing it up and dishing it out – the 'net, just like yo'mama used to make: some news.

We are living in times of universal bru-hah-ha: Obama has been politically castrated by the Nobel peace prize, and them old sea-levels just don't seem to be getting any lower. We're also running out of oil much faster than we thought (last two via Liam Young). But anyway, who can concentrate on the fact we've discovered the missing link, when we're going the way of the mammoth?

Jesus certainly can't save us, he can't even stop His signs getting nicked. And the only known immortal animal isn't giving up its secrets either. On the upside, when the apocalypse does come those of us living in sin will be able to get past Peter by faking our own virginity. Related, I'm not sure how this is going to work out for lesbians, who can't even fool the army. Also related, I wonder whether the fake blood in the virginity pack will work in the blood-powered lamp? Not related, worm sick could be the answer to underwater glue (I naively didn't even realise it was a question).

We're bombing the moon, in case you hadn't heard. Related, turns out playing God is a lot like an insect version of Gran Turismo. Also related, perhaps these radio-controlled insects will live in miniature homes carved out of IBMs. Not related, the geography of unemployment. Kind of related, Ford are doing their bit for our children's future. Tangentially related, the 'photography' of Levi van Veluw (I know how he did that). Gratuitously related, bunker Shots. Also in the world, a book cover design based on Dazzle, a really interesting form of camouflage. There's an AA studio devoted to it this year. Related, Themepark Heterotopia (there's another studio being run on that). Not related, I tracked down Stewart from Time Team – who is employed as a 'landscape investigator', though everyone else calls him the 'lumps and bumps man'. I think I would quite like to be a landscape investigator.

Finally, the sexist (or sexiest?) PUMA Index, via Sociological Images:

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