Tuesday, 6 October 2009

fistful of links

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The loose links in the ghetto gold that keeps us real: some news.

A world round up: Singapore's ghost fleets are getting out of hand, and there are about 700 people living under LA's strip (via Liam Young); Mt. Rushmore gets a facelift; London gets a facebook (its the social network capital of the world); related, Facebook used to measure happiness; McDonald's to open at the Louvre; Adeleide kids are tripping on something much worse than acid, which happens to be what the Arctic seas are turning into; Norway is the best place to live; Japan probably the worst right now (supertyphoon on its way).

Child-nude of Brook Shields got taken out of the Tate Modern (my opinion of which falls lower every time I go). Controversial photo here (nsfw... possibly just nsf). A while back Roman Polanski drugged and repreatedly raped an underage girl before fleeing to Europe, Whoopi Goldberg "isn't sure what to call it, but it's not, like, rape-rape." What? Don't get me wrong, I loved MacBeth, but rape is rape, no? Related, Stephen Fry watches a man have his head raped by a parrot.

A mechano set that delivers lethal injections, perhaps for those of us that find the human replacement pillows no longer effective. Not related, Anti-wifi paint to stop neighbours nicking your bandwidth (or your sweet noggin getting zapped while you sleep). Related, 100 abandoned houses. Not related, splice and fuse your trees, at the arborsmith. The Sesquipedalist, a blog about interesting urban and architectural interventions. Related, the consistently surprising F*Mass (a tumblr).

A Russian cavern used for testing napalm – so hot that the bricks melted into stalictites. Related, the deepest pool in the world. Faith, the amazing bipedal dog. Related, the amazing leap of faith, turns out to be commited by a dog. The apocalyptic images of Parke-Harrison. Biggie at age 17. A pavillion at Pestival based on termite spaces. Why do all iphone rivals just look like iphone rip-offs? Nick Sowers' Atlantikwall Flickr (and his bunker exploration blog)

Finally, 'Seizure', a brutalist apartment in a condemnded council block is filled with a stange chemical liquid that results in electric blue crystal growths. London: If you haven't seen it yet, its a must see.