Wednesday, 29 September 2010

behind schedule

Millennium People is not dead, its just resting.

We're running behind schedule with the relaunch, 29 days to be precise, but let me give you a quick update:
  • MP is moving to a brand new (physical) location – leaving behind Blogger HQ (Moffat Airbase, CA) and setting up shop on our own British servers.
  • It is getting a complete re-design and overhaul as part of its metamorphosis into a collective – as is fitting for Britain's premier think-tank pertaining to all aspects of the New Millennium.
Accordingly, the info@ address is no longer active – but it will be up and running again sometime next week with the re-launch.

Obviously we will make a song and dance all over the web, with tweets, fb updates, etc, etc.

Keep all sets tuned to this station.